Earlier this week, I travelled to Perth to take part in Club Zho 121, presented by Tura New Music.  I performed solo and as part of a quartet, with Perth locals Jameson Feakes, Lindsay Vickery and Djuna Lee.  The concert was reviewed for Cool Perth Nights, and you can read the full review here.  A couple of excerpts are below:

"He begins with slow, contemplative strikes of upturned china cymbals placed on drumskins, the clanging notes allowed to ring out, revealing their spectral complexities as they fade into silence. This peaceful introduction makes way for a phantasmagoria of wild, overlapping textures, variable polyrhythms, cacophonous improvisation and inexplicable infectious pseudo-grooves. "
"And now McLean has finished his beer and he’s playing a rapid-fire drum solo on the empty bottle, exploring the crude object’s range of pitch and timbre. And then incorporating it into a wild percussive squall, along with cowbell and cymbal hiss and rubber wrists. And all of it building to a fiendish, blood-quickening cacophony and filling the room, squealing and racing and booming and crashing."

Special thanks to Josten Myburgh for making it all happen.